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Company Overview

With an experience of over a decade, Ango-Zara Comercio e Industria Lda. is one of the leading producer and distributor of FMCG products in Angola.Under the leadership and guidance of our CEO,in short term we became the most trusted brand in Africa.Our soul vision is to become the most innovative and trustworthy multinational company and involve in production and distribution of FMCG products. AZCIL has been serving the Angolan consumer with a wide range of fresh and flavour rich products. We take pride in our values i.e, Integrity, Commitment, Passion and Responsive.Today AZCIl is leading producer and distributor of FMCG products with over millions in revenues and has more than 25 warehouses for distributing FMCG products across Angola and enjoying the trust of over millions of satisfied customers. AZCIL is known for its innovative ideas and creating industry benchmarks, and has also consistently contributed to the growth and development of the FMCG industry.


We are proud that different multinational brands wants to work with us , we involve in partnership with ITC, Nestle, Kohinoor, Bajaj, Goods Care. With the furious success of our FMCG products, our company under the leadership of our CEO, along with Bajaj, started the dealership of Bajaj bikes in different parts of Angola. The most awaited and successful project by our company, we developed application to provide door to door service of selling FMCG products for our Angolan customer. The whole business is running on the best software in the world ie, SAP.

Qualtity management

Foremost and top priority of AngoZara is to ensure that we provide healthy and nutritional products to our customer, that’s why we deal with most trusted brands from across the planet. Additionally we have different teams for packaging and monitoring of products. We have our own team to check the quality of FMCG products. We believe that by insuring all these things we are making our world a better place for the customer as they can build trust with us.

How we do it


AZCIL as an FMCG company , its first priority is to analyse the products from different brands and to check the products quality is matched as per the standard of ISO and HACCP.


For this we have hire talented and experienced team to carry out this important job as customer safety is the foremost priority of AZCIL.


The FMCG product which we deal with is imported from different companies to Angola under the guidance and verification of procurement team.


The products move to our different warehouses and with the help of our sells team and the online software sold to the customer.


AngoZara sell their produts via two mechanism; door to door sale using our mobile Application or through our retail chain of shops situated in different parts of Angola.

What we have done

AZCIL started its business as import export, a small region in Luanda and later with the motivation and hard workmanship under our leader expanded its business in Angola. We deal with the most trusted brands in the world like ITC, Kohinoor, Bajaj, Goods Care, additionally we bring out our own brand as “SONA and MAMA ANGOLA“. To strengthen our business, we introduce SAP and mobile application, so that it is easier for us to interact with the customer. We have open more than 25 warehouses in the entire province to sell products.



Mayonnaise : Fresh, smooth, creamy, very tasty... and LIGHT! It doesn't matter the season, as long as pleasant fooding experiences is what you want! Chefs love the consistency and creaminess of this product.

Available in : 250 Ml, 500 Ml, 750 Ml, etc.
Packaging : Glass Bottle, Squeeze Bottle, Tub, Bucket, etc. (Private Label)

KetchUp : You must be familiar with SONA's Hot Ketchup, then! This ketchup is made from the perfect combination of the ripest and tastiest tomatoes with added hot spices… Enjoy yourself... Add flavour to your life!

Available in : 250 Ml, 500 Ml, 750 Ml, etc.
Packaging : Glass Bottle, Squeeze Bottle, Tub, Bucket , etc. (Private Label)

Do you like our Product?

Do you like our product and are interested in selling it? Would you like to be eligible to become a part of the AngoZara family?
All you have to do is to contact on our facebook page or contact us on our address saying why you want to do business with us!

Contact Us

Distribution Center

    FMCG Distribuicão Lda.

  • The corporate objective of FMCG Distribuicão Lda, is “to meet the everyday needs of people”.

  • FMCG Distribution is setting up unique facility in different strategic parts of Angola for total coverage, some of the construction work is ongoing expecting, the same will replicate to all the major provinces for maximum distribution coverage.

  • At present FMCG is using the massive coverage of AZCIL across the country while building its own capability in future.

work with ango-zara

  • Sales Manager (FMCG)( (Modern Trade / General Trade)
  • Job description :
  • Handling sales of FMCG products independently in given region.
  • About Candidate :
  • Design & facilitate sales plan.
  • Cover Traditional as well as Modern trade channel of Sales
  • Ability to negotiate listing of products with Modern Retail
  • Must have good understanding of the market and proven track record of aggressive business generation Thorough understanding of FMCG Industry Ensure that planned sales & distribution targets are met.
  • Design & facilitate marketing plan.
  • Target new market/customers & sales opportunities.
  • Introduce innovative product promotion and market development activities to ensure higher market penetration & sales.
  • Have an insight of market & industry trends, competitors and leading customer acquisition strategies.
  • Desired Candidate Profile :
  • Education :
  • MBA (Sales/ Marketing)
  • Candidate must have relevant experience and worked as sales Manager in FMCG.
  • Working exposure in African continent & ERP (SAP) will be preferred.

  • Apply here :


    • Note: For all above Candidates must have :
    • Valid passport.
    • Able to join in 01 month time from selection date.
    • Good communication /interpersonal skills.
    • Portuguse language knowledge preferred.
    • Some African working experience preferred.



Management Team

................Coming Soon..................

Who love to work with us

World’s best and trustworthy brands in FMCG, Beverages, Hygiene & Personal care are in partnership with us to sell their products in the Angola Territory. The name of the brands are ITC, Nestle, Kohinoor, Goods Care, Remia, Arrow, Bajaj.

Started in December 2013 State of Art Chain of Retail Stores DAILY FRESH

Rehabilitating Angola’s oldest Oil and Soap plant “COONGERAL – Companhia Geral de Angola, SARL”

Started in March 2014, Distribution of Bajaj Motorcycles Ango-Zara Auto

Where you can find us

Ango-Zara Commercio Industria Lda is a global company with its operations in Angola and India and. Our company headquarters is in Luanda, ANGOLA and our back end office is in New Delhi, INDIA.

Head Office (ANGOLA)

Ango-Zara Comercio e Industria Lda.
Estrada de Catete, KM 27
Entrada Principal de Metro Europa Viana
Luanda – ANGOLA
  (+244) 933 888888/ 919 658200
  (+244) 916 25 1555

Send us a message

If you would like to contact us, please provide your personal details and details of your request.